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Charitraheen (Characterless)

mirror fragments on gray surface with the reflection of a person s hand

Photo by Bruno Pires on

आज फिर से उठा प्रश्न चरित्र पर मेरे, 
आज फिर से उठी उँगली चेहरे की तरफ़ मेरे,
ख़ुश रहने की कला मेरी चरित्रहीन हो गयी।

Aaj phir se utha prashn charitra par mere,
Aaj phir se uthi ungali chehre ki taraf mere,
Khush rahne ki kala meri charitraheen ho gayi!

They questioned my spirit again and again,
Fingers were lifted towards my face,
My art of being happy has become characterless.

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