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Promoting family-work balance in the workplace

We all discuss the importance of family and work-life balance or time management, but no one adheres to this crucial rule in their lives, resulting in prolonged distress and a bleak future for our employees and their families. This can only be transformed if a collective rule is enforced by all organizations, stipulating no employee…

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Yoga! Despite the word’s simplicity, what do we comprehend out of it? Yoga prioritizes the harmony of the mind, body, and soul over the manipulation of the body. Union or to join is yoga’s exact meaning.  The question that arises is with whom to unite and join or union of what? The answer is to…

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A Rainbow Maker

On Wednesday, February 17, of 2021, around 11:30 in the night (Pacific time), I got the worst call of my life. My younger brother called me from India and cried out, “Didi! Papa is not responding.” That night, I saw my father for the last time on a video call.  My father took away the…

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A Dream

I was in my kids’ room trying to put them to bed last night. It was dark, and the shade on the balcony’s door was open. “Your school will start in two days; it’s time that you go back to your old timetable,” I reminded them. Through the balcony glass door, I noticed a thick…

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The Noon of 89’

I am sharing a bizarre incident which took place when I started middle school. During the early stage, I had to walk two miles to school. Those two miles felt like a never ending road that I had to walk each way for school. The initial few weeks of school were always my favorite. The…

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Become A luscious Melody

To produce a pleasant melody, you require at least three music notes, if not seven. An individual can’t ride an automobile with a flat wheel. The same principle applies to all of us. We all need motivation to move forward. A man with a fractured limb can’t walk long without support. You can’t wheel kick…

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Hide and Seek

Waking up from a nightmare one night, I looked at the watch next to my bed as it said, “3:00 AM.” My heart was still racing from the unpleasant scenes in my dream, where my eight-year-old daughter had left to play with her friend. Playing together, they made towards a forest, with no sign of…


Photonic Soul is an author who published a mystery novel, Satyajeet Bhargav (A Truth Seeker) and Majmua (a collection of verses).

Foraying into the world of mysteries and crime, she intends to write more stories, articles and verses, on this platform.

She grew up in a modest town in Uttar Pradesh, graduated from Delhi University and later moved to Bangalore. She now lives with her family in California.

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