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Nishaan (Scar)

woman in red hood

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कैसे चोटें लगी, यूँ बदन पर तुम्हारे?
यूँ कैसे निशाँ, पड़ गए इतने सारे?
रखते तो थे, इंसानों से ताल्लुक़ 
क्या जानवर भी थे, घर में तुम्हारे?

Kaise Choten Lagi, Yun Badan Par Tumhare? 
Yun Kaise Nishan, Padd Gaye Itne Saare?
Rakhte To The, Insaanon Se Talluq
Kya Jaanwar Bhi The, Ghar Mein Tumhare? 

How did you get hurt severely?
How did you get these scars on your body?
I thought you lived with humans, my love
Or was there a beast hiding in your gloves?

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