The Enigmatic

A gorgeous young woman was slumbering in her room on a big Victorian bed. A beam of light projected on her pretty face through the window of a bedroom as if it was touching her face only to wake her up. A horror novel lay on the side table, next to a glass of water…

Hello Gorgeous, I am back

This is a parable about a girl who wanted to shed a few pounds. One fine morning, before taking a shower, she stepped on a scale to check her weight. She frowned as she looked at her weight, which pointed at 135 lb. She stepped off the weighing scale and hit on the wall of…

Smell of Freedom

Two women were sitting on a balcony, having their coffee. They heard a laugh, and one of them looked back inside the living room. There was a small party in the house. A few people were sitting on a big sectional couch. A man in a light blue t-shirt sat next to a beautiful young…


Photonic Soul is an author who published a mystery novel, Satyajeet Bhargav (A Truth Seeker) and Majmua (a collection of verses).

Foraying into the world of mysteries and crime, she intends to write more stories, articles and verses, on this platform.

She grew up in a modest town in Uttar Pradesh, graduated from Delhi University and later moved to Bangalore. She now lives with her family in California.

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