This is a parable about a girl who wanted to shed a few pounds. One fine morning, before taking a shower, she stepped on a scale to check her weight. She frowned as she looked at her weight, which pointed at 135 lb. She stepped off the weighing scale and hit on the wall of the bathroom with fury.

She then looked at the mirror and said, “Damn you, girl. Do something about it. You just need to lose twenty pounds. Stop eating while watching TV.”

(She didn’t look big, but always desired to shed some extra weight for which she struggled a lot.)

She put her palms on her cheeks and looked at herself in the mirror. A beautiful rock sparkled on her ring finger.

(She is a married woman now in a different outfit, and an offbeat hairstyle.) 

She continued looking into the mirror and said with a feeble voice, “When will this heal?” 

Her mirror turned her into a magnificent woman. She was in a corridor. Her body was in perfect shape. She looked spectacular in her black luster gown and an elegant hairstyle. Her beautiful bright eyes, which were worth gazing, looked into the camera to narrate a tale.

“Throughout my life, I struggled to lose weight. I tried everything that could keep me in shape; dieting, gym, kickboxing, yoga, but I failed. I kept fluctuating between 120 to 140 lb.”

(Flashback: She runs on treadmills, does kickboxing and follows a strict diet.)

She was in a green room, sitting on a chair in front of an enormous lit mirror. She looked into her own eyes and continued the conversation.

“When I was forty, my wisdom teeth gave me problems (rolling her eyes). Eventually, I got them removed.” 

She stood up and started walking. After a few steps she stopped in the hallway and looked towards her left. She gave an expression into the camera.

“That was yet another dangerous plan. I went through so much pain after the surgery. I hated every second. Somehow, I survived the first day.”

“However, on the second day, when I came into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for my children, I fainted. I could not breathe, stand, sit or walk. I was sweaty on a chilly morning. It was because of an overdose on pills or maybe lack of sleep and food. Whatever the reason, I blacked out for the first time in my life.”

She paused and went back to the flashback where her face looked swollen because of wisdom teeth removal. She was in pain, unable to communicate, and she refused to eat anything.

Coming back from the flashback, she stated, “I survived it.”

She turned her eyes away from the camera and stood in a vestibule. After a pause, she opened a door on her left to enter a dinette. She went near the table and looked at the food. While looking at the food, she continued narrating.

“The first week was horrible. I could not eat or drink. My teeth were sensitive. Somehow, I got through it.” 

She then cut a Jell-O from a plate with a fork, putting it into her mouth and gently swallowing it. She came out of that room and walked back into the corridor. Once again, she stopped and looked into the camera with her big and beautiful eyes.

“The week after that, I had a follow up with my dentist, to remove my stitches. I checked my weight before the visit.”

She sighed, but followed it up with a gentle smile.

“It stunned me to see the scale.”

(Flashback: She’s back on a weighing scale.)

“Oh, my God! Is this for real?”

(Back to the present time.)

She stood in the corridor.

“Guess what? I was lighter by ten pounds.”

She walked a few steps in the hallway and stopped.

“It thrilled me. Later that day, I visited my dentist to get my stitches removed.”

She walked forward and entered the washroom. She gazed in the mirror.

“After three weeks when I could chew my food, I enjoyed the value of chewing food. I appreciated the value of food itself.” 

She smiled with joy and paused.

“The same week, I checked my weight again.”

She then removed her sparkly black heels and looked down at the weighing scale. She lifted her gown a little and put her beautiful feet on the scale gently. A glowing red paint shined on the toenails of her feet. 

A beautiful woman in a red backless gown appeared abruptly right next to her. The woman looked at her and grinned. The woman in the red gown gently touched her right shoulder and whispered into her ear with a seductive voice, “Hello Beautiful! I am back.”

It startled her to hear that. She stared at the woman up and close. The woman opened the door to go out, and her back showed with “Ten Pounds” written all over it, along with a golden tattoo next to it, saying, “Hello Beautiful! I am back.”

This statement caught her attention, and she saw her back in perplexity. She got down from the weighing scale and stared back into the mirror. She then looked at the scale on the floor; it said, “135 lb.”

Standing in her old washroom, the same place where it started. She glared into a mirror wearing an ordinary outfit.

“When will this heal?” She mumbled, holding her cheeks.


(Inspired by a true story)

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