BREAKING NEWS: It’s the first time in history when the Tooth Fairy needs fundraisers.

My son, Samraat, was excited today as he lost his first tooth. While I was preparing a special lunch for him, I asked him to write a letter to Tooth Fairy and place it under his pillow. He asked me about the Tooth Fairy, and then he said, “Tomorrow morning, I will find out if the Tooth Fairy is real.” I smiled proudly.

After finishing lunch, I went to his room to check if he wrote a letter, and this is what I discovered under his pillow.

” Dear Tooth Fairy,
I want a Bitcoin, please.
Samraat “

If Generation Alpha appeals such things, the Tooth Fairy and other mythical characters will have to close their business forever.
Careful, do not take this generation lightly.

*Based on a True Story*

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