To produce a pleasant melody, you require at least three music notes, if not seven. An individual can’t ride an automobile with a flat wheel. The same principle applies to all of us. We all need motivation to move forward. A man with a fractured limb can’t walk long without support. You can’t wheel kick without pivoting your other leg. No one on this planet ascended without help. You can’t improve without encouragement.

One always needs a friendly gesture, kind words, financial aid, moral fortitude, or environmental support to keep things moving. A person needs time, encouragement, or money to lift their spirits up. You won’t rise high without confidence.

An entrepreneur needs economic association and reassurance from friends and household to set up a business. A film star needs a break to shine. Politicians need loyal allies and funds to make them successful leaders. A techie requires someone to stand by him or her to put their theories into existence. They need an executive to understand their value to turn a thought into accomplishment.

A homemaker supports her husband to reach his ambition at work by taking care of family, kids, and his house. Spouses support their partners by establishing a lively environment at home, which includes their cordial words, trust, humility, and encouragement.

A diamond can’t shine on its own. Everybody is a diamond in the coal mine called “life”. We need someone or our inner self to dust and craft and turn ourselves into gems. At the jewel shop, every piece shines regardless of its size and worth. So, if you are not dazzling, it’s not your fault; you are not at the right place, period.

To get sunshine, you need sun. You shouldn’t demand the sun to bring brightness in your life while you are sleeping in a dark room alone. Get rid of your negative life patterns right away and explore a transcendent group of people.

Every piece is a gem on display; everybody is a masterpiece in the world. You merely need the desire to understand the gleam. See your fire and transform yourself. Be a spark and become one for someone. Become a luscious melody for yourself and for others. Shape lives, and it starts from yours.


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