I was in my kids’ room trying to put them to bed last night. It was dark, and the shade on the balcony’s door was open.

“Your school will start in two days; it’s time that you go back to your old timetable,” I reminded them.

Through the balcony glass door, I noticed a thick fog moving outside. Unable to control my excitement, I rushed outside to look at it. I saw my house engulfed in a thick blanket of fog. A few moments later, the fog cleared with bright clouds appearing on the hills facing my house. I wished for the clouds to be closer to me, and it was granted.

Many white clouds moved right next to my house. Gradually approaching the balcony, they looked delighted to see me as I was to see them. As I looked close, a part of a cloud resembled an angel with a baton and wings. Wasting no time, I reached out to touch the cloud. It felt amazing.

The angel flew to my left and disappeared into my backyard, from where a cupid adorned with a halo came towards me. It was a moment to relish.

I called out to my children to experience these moments. They came out and cherished those moments with me. As we all came inside, I asked my children to go back to bed as it must be 2:22 AM.

I then woke up and mumbled that it must be 2:22 AM. I asked myself if I should confirm the time or let it go? Once I am disturbed from my sleep, it is hard for me to go back. To quench my curiosity, I couldn’t help checking the time. It was 2:22 AM.

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