Yoga! Despite the word’s simplicity, what do we comprehend out of it?

Yoga prioritizes the harmony of the mind, body, and soul over the manipulation of the body. Union or to join is yoga’s exact meaning. 

The question that arises is with whom to unite and join or union of what?

The answer is to yourself. You will assist in the unification of your mind, body, and soul for harmonious coexistence.

Yoga will facilitate the alignment of your mental, physical, and emotional self. Without a doubt, the regular practice of yoga will instill a feeling of harmony and promote inner balance.

Tell your mind to not think too much, and contact the soul confined within your physical form and comfort it by affirming your commitment to its well-being. 

Assure the mind, body, and your inner self that you have stumbled upon a technique, which is commonly referred to as yoga, and this is the remedy to all your problems.

However, the question is what’s in it for me that will keep bothering you if you have never done yoga in your life or want to try it again after seeing  a chaotic life? It is a common introspective question that we ask ourselves; which is ok since we need to be aware of the risks and benefits of our actions.

Incorporating yoga into your daily routine will transport you to an unparalleled state of bliss. The advantages of practicing yoga are inexplicably profound.

In order to satiate your thirst, I hastily jot down some of the key points below of practicing yoga:

  • Through the practice of yoga, your Prana (breathing pattern) and all seven Chakras (energy pathways) will become aligned.
  • You will gain the skill of proper breathing. (Yes, sadly, the awareness is not yet widespread among us).
  • Yoga has the potential to mitigate the extent of anger, stress, and frustration that you may experience towards yourself, others, or life.
  • Each day, you will appear increasingly joyful and robust.
  • You will direct your attention with precision.
  • Practicing yoga will help you achieve quality sleep.
  • You will attain expertise in time management.
  • Yoga will give you the skill to gain the self-discipline
  • It will train you to master your thoughts.
  • It will educate you on the techniques of maintaining balance and serenity in your life.
  • It will automatically change your diet, and you will be careful what you are ingesting.
  • You will prioritize the care of your own body.
  • It will help you develop a sense of self-love and appreciation for yourself and the surroundings.
  • You will develop a sense of responsibility.

These benefits are merely a handful. The personal experience you will have is beyond words.

It is perfectly normal to feel intimidated when starting yoga for the first time or returning after a long hiatus.

If that is bothering you, you can start with a baby step. No twisting or turning is required at the onset. Merely sit and engage in meditation.

Indulge in some tranquil, soothing music, shut your eyes and settle down. Meditation can aid in clearing mental clutter and uncovering sought-after solutions. 

Enroll in a yoga association and start with a beginner’s session. You will eventually attain mastery. No matter what, ensure to engage in yoga for a serene life.


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